The Three New R's

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah and Dan Emmett Elementary Students


The Three New R’s by the Fifth Grade at Dan Emmett Elementary, January 2009

There used to be something in school, the 3 R’s were the rule
Reading, writing and ‘rithmetic, if you learned them, you were pretty cool
Times have changed we can’t refuse to reduce recycle and reuse
Saving the earth we’re all about, the three new R’s are what we shout:
    Reduce, recycle, reuse!   Reduce, recycle, reuse!
    Turn down your thermostat, walk more, drive less and use less gas
    Reduce, recycle, reuse!

So many things we can reuse, so the earth we will not lose
Turn off the light don’t blow a fuse, or we’ll be stuck singing the blues
Turn a pop bottle into a shirt, don’t leave your tires in the dirt
We all must stay alert, or it is the earth that will be hurt
We use so much paper in this school, lots of homework is the rule
All the trees will think we’re cool, so recycle, don’t be a fool!
Throwing that can in the trash, we miss out on a mound of cash
To the recycling center we can dash, and save the earth in a flash
    Ending Chorus:
    Reduce, recycle, reuse!  Reduce, recycle, reuse!
    Come along and join our group, Buy recycled, close the loop
    An offer that you can’t refuse, Number 1 on the list of your to-do’s
    Reduce, recycle, reuse!  Reduce, recycle, reuse!
    An offer that you can’t refuse...Reduce, recycle, reuse!

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