The Cycle of Life

Sarah Goslee Reed
Sarah and Dan Emmett Elementary Students


The Cycle of Life by The Third Grade at Dan Emmett Elementary, January 2009

    What do you look like when you’re born?
    Can you walk or talk or sing?
    We all change as we go through life
    There’s a cycle for everything!

An egg with a dot in the middle
Then a tadpole with a tail
The tail goes in, the legs come out
Now a frog is jumping all about!

Plant a seed in soil, give it water
With air and sun it sprouts
Down go the roots and the stem pops up
Next thing you know the tree’s all grown up!

A baby  of a special kind of mammal
Hatches from an oval egg
Not quite a beaver, not glamorous
Not quite a duck, it’s a platypus!

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