I have some new songs available online at CD Baby - be sure to check the products page for links! First, a CD from the mid 90's, Cowboy on the Highway, is now available at CD Baby, as well as two singles. Here is what Jack has to say about this CD: 

"After listening to your music, I feel I can call you by your first name.  
You have a way of relating to your audience such that you become
part of our circle of friends. Today I was rummaging through
the used CDs at our local Goodwill and bought 8 or 10 in hopes of
finding a few winners. Usually I find 1 or 2 classical Cds, a few vocals
or instrumentals I enjoy among mostly junk. What I found today was
"Cowboy On The Highway". It was a jewel among my purchases
and the only one I played all the way through, repeatedly
You can bet it won't find it's way back to Goodwill! It's going on my
mp3 player and CPU hard drive. Thank you for sharing your talent.
The next CD of yours I get, and there will be a next one,
will come from a music store or on line


The singles are Mystery, a song about a beautiful hand made oak table that has been in our family for 40 years.  This table now sits in my kitchen, yet no one in the family knows much about the making of it or other similar furniture that came to us when my dad bought a cottage in the woods years ago.  There is no one to ask...hence the speculation and the mystery.....

The second single is called The Circle of Hands and is about two families joining together as a couple is married.  Written for the occasion of my daughter's marriage, this song is non-specific as far as names go, so it can be used for any ceremony where two people join hands and therefore join families.  The circle of hands surrounds them and holds them close as their journey begins. 

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