Goslee Reed & Kean

by Goslee Reed & Kean

Released 2018
Released 2018
Original folk with a bluegrass and Americana feel - female/male vocals and harmonies accompanied by guitar and fiddle.
Goslee Reed and Kean is a duo of Sarah Goslee Reed and Kerry Kean. We write and perform our own songs, as well as songs we wish we had written; we both play guitar and violin/fiddle and love to accompany each other using these instruments. We also love to play fiddle duets. This CD is all originals, with the exception of the fiddle tune Ragtime Annie. We recorded these at Quarry Chapel, a quaint stone chapel in Gambier, Ohio. The recording occurred on two separate dates - one was a concert and the other was a session after a second concert appearance. The sound and feel of the chapel is perfect for our acoustic choices!

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Upcoming shows:

  • Dec 13
    Woodward Opera House,  Mount Vernon
  • Mar 1
    Highland High School,  Marengo
  • Mar 20
    Woodward Opera House,  Mount Vernon
  • Apr 17
    Paxton Theater,  Bainbridge

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